Merry Go Round Maugham Somerset W.

Merry Go Round Maugham Somerset W.

Билингвы и книги на иностранных языках. Through the eyes of this delightfully witty and independent spinster, the reader is treated to a compelling vision of the interplay between love and reason. The stories are linked by one of his most endearing characters, Miss Ley. We live through the daughter of a deans brief but happy marriage to a dying poet- a womans adulterous passion for a young rascal which only serves to make her a more sympathetic wife, and finally, an honourable mans decision to take virtue to extremes. The stories brilliantly depict the pressure of convention and complex webs of interaction in which his characters struggle to assert themselves. One of Maughams rare experiments with form, the novel is a trio of stories that portrays a vivid spectrum of life in Edwardian London- from the backstreets to the suburbs and high society.

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Merry Go Round Maugham Somerset W.

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