Santa Baby Price Kate

Santa Baby Price Kate

Билингвы и книги на иностранных языках. We first met her when she was Britains No 1 glamour model in Katies first novel, Angel, and then in Angel Uncovered. Now in Katies seventh novel, Santa Baby, Angels glamour days are behind her, shes happily married to Cal and hoping to have another baby. Angel Summer is Katies most popular character. Obviously he has things on his mind, like the kidnap threat hanging over Angel and her daughter Honey. But, as ever, drama is just around the corner, when Angel meets her half sister Tiffany for the first time...As soon as they meet, Angel and Tiffany feel as if theyve know each other for years, and before she knows it, Tiffany is working as a stylist on Angels TV programme and going out with Raul, a Brazilian racing driver who has all the girls after him. But as he relaxes, Tiffany finds herself in terrible danger... As everyone gathers at Angel and Cals mansion for Christmas, Seans defences finally drop. If only Angels sexy bodyguard Sean could be as welcoming?

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Santa Baby Price Kate

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