Swimming Pool Sunday Kinsella Sophie

Swimming Pool Sunday Kinsella Sophie

Билингвы и книги на иностранных языках. While the children splash and shriek in the cool, blue waters, she lies blissfully back in the sun and dreams of Cassian, the charismatic new lawyer in her life.The day seems perfect.But suddenly the bliss is shattered. The consequences of a terrible accident develop into a drama of recriminations, jealousy and legal power-play. On a shimmeringly hot Sunday in May, Louise is at a neighbours pool with her daughters - and glaring at her resentfully is her estranged husband Barnaby. Friendships crumble, the village is split, and the needs of a child become secondary to the dangerous contest in which the grown-ups are engaged.

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Swimming Pool Sunday Kinsella Sophie

Логопедическая ритмика: Учеб. для студ. высш. учеб. заведений Волкова Г.А.

В спорах о России: А. Н. Островский: Статьи, исследования Москвина Татьяна Владимировна

Энциклопедия футбола Гиффорд Клайв

Комплексно-тематическое планирование по программе Мартынова Елена Анатольевна

Речевая карта ребенка с общим недоразвитием речи (от 4 до 7 лет). Нищева Наталия Валентиновна